Nutritional Assessment And Consultation


Food Is Fuel For The Body. What You Eat Can Have A Significant Impact On Your Physical And Mental Well-Being. Dive Deep Into Your Health And Fitness Planning With This Comprehensive Assessment And Consultation In A Two-Part Process.
Our Certified Nutrition And Fitness Consultant Will Create And Guide You Through An Individualized Plan For Meal And Fitness Planning To Get You Started. A Follow Up Consultation In Four Weeks Helps You To Monitor Your Progress And Create Future Goals To Stay On Track.
Telehealth Appointments Are Scheduled At Your Convenience Through The Compass Platform And Consultations Are Then Provided Through A Secure Video Or Audio Link, At Your Option.



Food is fuel for the body. What you eat can have a significant impact on your physical and mental well-being. Dive deep into your health and fitness planning with this comprehensive assessment and consultation in a two-part process.

Our certified nutrition and fitness consultant will create and guide you through an individualized plan for meal and fitness planning to get you started. A follow up consultation in four weeks helps you to monitor your progress and create future goals to stay on track.

Telehealth appointments are scheduled at your convenience through the Compass Platform and consultations are then provided through a secure video or audio link, at your option.