Leptin (Metabolic Marker For Obesity)


Leptin Is An Essential Hormone That Regulates Body Weight. Large Fat Cells Produce More Leptin Than Small Ones, And Serum Leptin Concentrations Are Highly Correlated With Overall Body Fat Content In Adults. High Levels Of Leptin Can Result In Leptin Resistance, Which Impacts The Brain’S Ability To Regulate Appetite And Can Lead To Excess Body Weight.
This Test Will Reveal Imbalances In Leptin Levels So That You Can Take Appropriate Action, If Needed.



Leptin is an essential hormone that regulates body weight. Large fat cells produce more leptin than small ones, and serum leptin concentrations are highly correlated with overall body fat content in adults. High levels of leptin can result in leptin resistance, which impacts the brain’s ability to regulate appetite and can lead to excess body weight.

This test will reveal imbalances in leptin levels so that you can take appropriate action, if needed