Compass™ Workplace Wellness Program

Introducing Compass
by Lookout Health

A transformative, preventative health program that empowers your team to easily navigate their journey to optimal health.

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Compass helps guide your employees and gives them the tools to take their health in the right direction.

Our program integrates actionable guidance and invaluable medical consultations. No other corporate wellness program delivers the power of Compass directly to your workplace, company gathering or health fair.

Peak health and performance are now accessible to everyone on your team!

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Empower your team to achieve optimal health and vitality so they can be their best — at work and at home.

Our licensed, mobile clinics come to your office, staffed with a team to draw labs, assess biometrics and body composition, and more. ​​ Optional vaccine administration is available upon request.

It’s never been easier for employees to get the information they need to improve their health in ways that matter most to them. Alternate partner locations are available for remote workers to participate in many Compass services.

There is something for everyone with Compass.

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Basic Biometric Screening

A biometric screening is a short health exam of basic body measurements and a blood draw for lab values. Unlike most Biometric Screenings, Compass offers an InBody Scan, providing an instantaneous, in-depth analysis of your body composition and overall fitness. It also includes all of the following tests.

*Available at an employer-sponsored event only.

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Comprehensive Health Assessments

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Specialty Services

Why Compass?
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Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Help direct your team to optimal health.

Compass is a win for both employer and employees:

  • Providing proactive services encourages healthier, happier employees.
  • Healthier employees mean fewer sick days, early identification of health risks, avoidance of catastrophic health events, and savings on your company’s health care costs.
  • Compass’ offerings are inclusive and independent of gender, race, age, family status or lifestyle.
  • With convenient onsite delivery, Compass is a great return-to-office incentive.
  • Remote service options are available through partner organizations for hybrid workforces.
  • Lookout Health also offers convenient on-site vaccination clinics, including Influenza, COVID-19 boosters, and TDAP vaccinations as well as B12 shots.
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