Biological Age Test


Aging Isn’T Just About Looks Or How Many Birthdays A Person Has Celebrated. While Chronological Age Indicates How Long You Have Been Alive, Biological Age Measures How Well Your Cells And Tissues Are Functioning. Factors Such As Fitness, Diet And Health Can Result In A Biological Age That Is Higher Or Lower Than One’S Chronological Age. Research Suggests That Biological Age Is More Accurate Than Chronological Age For Predicting The Onset Of Disease And Death.
This Test Checks 900,000 Areas Of DNA Methylation In The Body To Provide A Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Biological Age And How Fast Your Body Is Aging. An In-Depth Report Helps You Understand Changes You Can Make To Your Habits And Behaviors To Reduce Your Biological Age And Slow Your Rate Of Aging.




Everyone hopes to age well, but aging isn’t just about looks or how many birthdays a person has celebrated. While chronological age indicates how long you have been alive,  biological age measures how well your cells and tissues are functioning. Factors such as fitness, diet and health can result in a biological age that is higher or lower than one’s chronological age. Research suggests that biological age is more accurate than chronological age for predicting the onset of disease and death.

This test checks 900,000 areas of DNA methylation in the body to provide a comprehensive analysis of your biological age and how fast your body is aging. An in-depth report helps you understand changes you can make to your habits and behaviors to reduce your biological age and slow your rate of aging.