Executive Wellness Program

Executive Wellness Program

Optimizing health & performance.
Supporting vitality & longevity.


Executive Wellness Program

Optimizing health & performance.
Supporting vitality & longevity.

The Executive Wellness Program by Lookout Health makes it easier for busy executives to get the information they need to proactively manage their health.

Over 60% of the population don’t get regular health screenings, which are critical for catching health issues early and preventing the progression of chronic diseases. Inconvenience is given as the most common reason.

With our certified mobile labs staffed by our licensed and compassionate medical team, Lookout Health makes getting these important preventative health screenings pleasant, convenient and affordable.


Provide your team with affordable concierge health.

The Lookout Health medical team has carefully researched and selected cutting-edge preventative health screenings and assessments that are not readily available through the current medical system.

Designed to improve fitness and performance, the 12-month program includes quarterly health screenings at the home or office, telehealth consultations with licensed medical professionals, and ongoing support from certified health and nutrition coaches with an emphasis on vitality and longevity.

The Executive Program can be customized from the following list of services to meet the needs of the individual.

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Basic Biometric Screening

A biometric screening is a short health exam of basic body measurements and a blood draw for lab values. Unlike most Biometric Screenings, Compass offers an InBody Scan, providing an instantaneous, in-depth analysis of your body composition and overall fitness. It also includes all of the following tests.

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Comprehensive Health Assessments

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Specialty Services

The Executive Wellness Program
by Lookout Health:

  • Supports company efforts to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, attract and retain talent, and address the costs associated with chronic health issues.
  • Provides a convenient option for busy executives to obtain personal health information and monitor their progress to proactively manage and improve their health.
  • Makes wellness goals achievable with ongoing health and wellness support from our medical team and health coaches to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

The first step to prevention is knowledge.

Lookout Health is committed to increasing access to preventative health screenings and innovative health assessments. We believe that each individual deserves to have comprehensive personal health data to take charge of their health and optimize vitality and longevity.

Contact sales@lookouthealth.com to discuss a customized wellness program for your executive team.

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