Comprehensive Respiratory Allergy Profile


Respiratory Allergies Occur When The Body Misidentifies Substances In The Air You Breathe As Dangerous. This Can Result In Bothersome Symptoms Such As Itchy Nose, Sneezing, Congestion, Watery Eyes, And Even Asthma Attacks.
This Allergy Profile Measures Your Body’S Immune Response To Common Allergens In The Air, Including Dust And Household Allergens, As Well As Local Trees And Foliage.



Respiratory allergies occur when the body misidentifies substances in the air you breathe as dangerous. This can result in bothersome symptoms such as itchy nose, sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, and even asthma attacks.

This allergy profile measures your body’s immune response to common allergens in the air, including dust and household allergens, as well as local trees and foliage.


  • XIII: CA, Southern Coast
  • XIV: CA, central valley
  • XVII: CA (northwest), OR (west), WA (west)
  • XII: AZ (south), CA (southeast desert)
  • i. CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT
  • ii. DC, DE, MD, NC, V
  • iii.  GA, northern FL, SC
  • iv.FL, south of Orlando
  • v.IN, KY, OH, TN, WV
  • vi.AL, AR, LA, MS
  • vii.MI, MN, WI
  • viii. IA, IL, MO
  • ix. KS, NE, ND, SD
  • X: OK, TX
  • XI: AZ (mountains), CO, ID (mountains), MT, NM, UT, WY
  • XV: ID (south), NV
  • XVI: OR, WA (central and east)
  • XVIII: Alaska