Onsite COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination

Employee Health Services Programs

Keep your workforce COVID-safe and healthy through onsite event and recurring weekly testing.

Lookout Health is a CLIA-licensed lab that offers both onsite mobile healthcare and remote visual observance for COVID-19 testing. We can also provide your teams with COVID vaccinations and boosters to meet your “return to work” guidelines.

Our COVID-19 tests include both rapid antigen and PCR testing (with results provided onsite).  We will work with you to develop a comprehensive program to meet your health and safety requirements, ensuring on-time, accurate data.

We can test NATIONALLY! Lookout Health is an authorized telehealth provider, offering remote test proctoring for employers nationwide. We can supply test kits and monitor individual testing via our integrated telehealth system. Results are verified and uploaded into our secure, HIPAA-compliant health portal

COVID-19 Testing for Every Industry

Lookout Health has provided COVID-19 testing to a wide range of industries, including film production, event planning, manufacturing, biotech, farming, construction, insurance and legal services, venture capital, public health, education, automotive, restaurant and hospitality, retail and technology. 

Employer-Mandated COVID-19 Testing & Vaccinations

Lookout Health can help employers create a custom program to fit their company size, location and recurring testing needs. Whether you need vaccinations, booster shots or testing for your unvaccinated employees, Lookout Health will help you meet health and safety guidelines. Our employee health services include:

  • Custom Guidance: A custom comprehensive plan for regular testing to meet your specific industry requirements, with onsite rapid tests conducted by our trained medical staff.
  • Onsite testing can be recurring or for any event or meeting of any size: Lookout Heath’s staff is knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.
  • Proctored testing from any location. Remote observance and verification of results for your employees self-administering COVID-19 tests via telehealth calls. We can reach your workforce nationwide! Learn More »
  • Weekly and monthly employee reports: Get administrative access to our secure, HIPAA compliant portal to review testing and vaccination reports.
  • Group Vaccinations and Booster Clinics, including COVID-19, flu shots, Hep B and other required employee vaccinations.

Our process is simple. To get started:

  1. Simply contact us to discuss your needs.
  2. Our sales and medical operations team will provide a custom quote and plan based on your requirements, timing and length of program.
  3. We will send you a host agreement for review and approval.
  4. Our medical operations team will work with you to determine logistics and prepare for your start date.

Employer Vaccine and Booster Clinics

Need your team vaccinated or boosted for required vaccinations? Lookout Health is licensed to provide many vaccinations onsite, including COVID-19, flu shots and Hepatitis B.