Spotlight on Biological Age Test: Innovative benefits for optimal health

Dr. Mundi Attinasi explains the science and benefits behind our Biological Age Test.

Know your body’s actual age, not just calendar age

As an employer or an organization leader, you understand the importance of providing the tools and resources that help your team maximize their well-being and vitality. One of the many insights you can offer so they can learn more about their personal health is a Biological Age Test. This cutting-edge assessment provides invaluable insights into the overall health and vitality of individuals. Let’s explore the immense advantages of incorporating the Biological Age Test into your organization’s wellness program, and how it can have a remarkable impact on the lives of those who choose to participate.

What is a Biological Age Test?
Biological aging is the process of cells gradually losing their function. A Biological Age Test predicts your rate of aging and is a better predictor of life span than chronological age.  A Biological Age Test can help assess your risk of age-accelerating conditions and can be used as a guide to interventions that enhance wellness, increasing both the length and quality of life.   

Who should take this test? 
Adults of any age, gender and health status can benefit from understanding their biological age.  

What information will the test provide?
Our “TruAge Complete” Biological Age Test includes four primary metrics related to your biological age:

  1. Pace of Aging (DunedinPACE):  acts as an age speedometer showing your current pace of aging.  Values above 1 are ‘accelerated aging’ and below 1 are ‘slowed aging’.  This test is the most predictive of age-related health outcomes and the most sensitive to short-term changes. 
  2. Extrinsic Age:  measures the aging of your body, including an examination of the age-related decline of your immune system. By looking at “epigenetic” (reversible, environmentally-induced) changes to the DNA, you can learn how your immune system, cellular makeup, and hormonal biology affect your age.
  3. Intrinsic Age:  measures the aging of your body, without including the impact of any acute infections and corresponding immune reactions. 
  4. Telomere Age is an aging metric based on cellular replication.

What can I do with this information? 
Accelerated aging is the number one risk factor for most major chronic diseases. The Biological Age Test can be used as a reference point to begin tracking how lifestyle changes affect aging at a molecular level. Biological aging resulting from DNA methylation can be reversible with changes to diet, fitness, environmental exposures, lifestyle, and immune status.

How is the test administered?
A few drops of blood from a finger prick (done at home or at a Lookout Health mobile unit) are deposited on a paper card, which is then returned by mail in an enclosed envelope.  Results are shared via a private and secure link to Lookout Health’s Platform in 2 to 3 weeks.  A telehealth consultation can then be scheduled to review the results with our experts.

How frequently should the test be taken? 
Our “TruAge Complete” Biological Age Test provides a comprehensive picture of your biological aging and can be taken as often as you wish, but recommended annually.  Once you have established a baseline of your biological age, an interim “TruAge PACE” test is designed to provide feedback on recent lifestyle changes impacting your rate of aging.  The TruAge PACE test can also be taken as often as you wish, but recommended every 3 to 6 months.   

Isn’t it time to provide a new level of benefits?
The Biological Age Test holds the potential to truly help people understand their personal health in a whole new way. By utilizing this groundbreaking assessment, members of your organization will now get a chance to take a proactive approach to living a healthier, more vital and longer life.  

Contact us today to explore how the Biological Age Test can bring a next generation of benefits and wellness to your team. Take the first step towards unlocking this incredible innovation in employer and organization benefits.